terjemahan translation e2251Fwu New AOC LCD Monitor With USB Connector

With the development of a USB connector is widely applied in various electronic devices in recent years, reportedly has been compelled to make the AOC plans to produce such a special monitor with e2251Fwu model. At first glance this monitor is made ​​by the AOC was arguably identical to the monitor devices in general, but there are times when existing models or adopt some additional functionality beyond the usual function adopted by most monitoring devices. It is reportedly even been extended to various other functionality, such as resolution, 3D, image quality, etc.


In addition to having a model made ​​up and folded (the fold), e2251Fwu AOC monitor, it is also has a connectivity solution that supported all of the input standard USB interface (Universal Serial Bus). And it is certainly different from the monitors in general that has two different connectors.

The use of the USB connector is of course also ensures some level of universal compatibility, because basically the USB standard is now supported by almost every type of existing electronic devices.

Not only supports a resolution of 1920 × 1080 pixels (Full HD), reportedly also has a 1000:1 contrast ratio, 16:9 aspect ratio, 5 ms response time and brightness of 200 cd/m2. In addition, the AOC monitor e2251Fwu which has a length 22 inches diagonal it can provide the power needed by the LED backlight using only two existing USB cable.

Although prices have so far not known for certain, but about himself reportedly planned new availability will be realized starting in August 2011 that will come.

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